Andrea Pearlstein Mixed Media Fine Artist

Andrea pearlstein, artist & librarian

Mixed Media Artist Librarian

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a librarian? We may seem like the boring, brainy types, but in fact we are lovers of stories and the people who write them.  And me? I’m a WORSHIPPER of authors and their storytelling. I used to ride my bike to our town library and get lost amongst the books in the upstairs children’s room. I chose to be a librarian, so I could be near books and help others find joy in reading and learning.

Stories, told with words or pictures, are the basic building block of humanity. These stories connect us and permit us to understand the world beyond our front door. They encourage us, inspire us, provide hope, and at the end of difficult moments, stories can heal our hearts, transform our thoughts and strengthen our souls. I will always be a librarian! I love to research, read, and learn.  

I have always been an artist. In elementary school, I turned every big assignment into a creative outlet! I got my hands dirty with ink, paint, and clay (Yes, I made a bust of Hernando de Soto in fifth grade because writing about an explorer was not exciting enough for me.) The art of my youth called to me very strongly in the past 10 years and finally I realized I needed to listen! Today, I harness my creativity into telling stories through art that comes from my heart.

I am simply delighted to imagine my creations may inspire others to see beyond their day to day life and explore the world beyond.  I pair each piece of my art with a story in my mind, because I cherish the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of other artists and authors I have long admired. I wish you a story worthy of your heart’s desires.

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