10 Secrets about Public Libraries

I love being a librarian and there are so many fun things you can do in the library. I realized some of these are “secrets” because people don’t ask and librarians aren’t great at marketing. Call or visit your local library to ask what they have to offer.

  1. Skip Audible! Get free audiobooks using Overdrive or Libby.

  2. Get Free Job Assistance - ask what is offered online and in person

  3. Dewey Decimal makes sense - it’s a formula or standard to organize books. Every library that uses it (schools and public)

  4. Free magazines & newspapers - read current issue in the building, check out previous issues - some libraries have them in Apps too!

  5. Your library card is free - If you pay taxes in your library’s area, you are qualified for a card. Bring your lease agreement, driver’s license or utility bill.

  6. Get any book! InterLibrary Loan allows libraries across the world to lend books to each other. It’s free or for a nominal fee. Look at WorldCat for books

  7. Ancestry research - local history and beyond

  8. Online language learning

  9. Online courses on various topics

  10. Cut the cord and use your library’s streaming service

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Andrea P