Walking into a family

I am thoroughly enjoying Annie Barrows' newest book The World According to Us. We enter into the world of a once highly regarded family through the eyes of a WPA worker and 12 year old. The family is already torn apart, but not living a sad small life. In fact, they appear quite happy and VERY funny, but there is an underlying mystery of how they came to be. The grandfather once owned the mill, but now it's owned by another. The children's mother lives elsewhere and the father "works" possibly as a bootlegger. The twin aunts are married and live in town at their family home, but their husbands live on farms. The single aunt holds the family together, maintaining the household and acting as the mother.... and then this stranger walks in from Washington DC. to write the history of this small West Virginia town during the Depression. 

You might know Annie Barrows' writing if you have kids who read the series Ivy & Bean. Or you might know her as the final author of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Either way (or no matter what!) it's worth diving into this book. Full of shenanigans of by-gone days, remnants of the Civil War, you will find a place you want to visit again and again.

Andrea P