My Favorite Library

I fell in love with libraries when I was a kid. Riding my bike from home to the town library was FREEDOM! I would wind my way up the staircase to the children's room and spend hours browsing and selecting the right books. This library was old - I mean really OLD (over 125 years old) and there were uneven bricks outside, so you had to be careful carrying your books! The magazine room had a iron staircase that allowed you get to a loft (I never dared to climb it) and there were amazing stained glass windows that filtered light into the stacks. Of course, I couldn't carry many books on my bike, so I made many trips. When I was older I found the enchanting map that hung on the landing of the step to the children's room. I was so delighted! It hung in my library office for several years and now is in my art studio!


As old as this library was, the other local library we would visit was as innovative! In 1983 they had touch screens! Sure it was the old green screen, but I remember searching the catalog online and touching the screen to choose the books! This library was located near the Exton Square Mall (so we could shop and read!)

Andrea P