Librarian Says: Getting Your Kid to Love Reading!

I wasn't a great reader when I was younger. I struggled deciphering all of the punctuation and following the plot. I never did well with reading comprehension, but books just stay with me. They live in me. My mom is a teacher and infinitely patient with me (still!). Why am I saying all of this? Because, I became a librarian. I didn't major in English - I didn't want to read literature and write about it to painful lengths, but that had nothing to do for my of reading and learning. 

Now to the point - getting your child to read - ask yourself a few questions: what motivates my kid? interests them? gets them excited about life? Find those books - find book with stories and facts that capture their imaginations. Don't worry about that they have pictures in the books! Love the pictures - they help translate the text and connect the reader visually with the story. Illustrators, authors and editors spent hours making sure that the image "works" for the reader. It's like sneaking veggies in with your brownies!

Libraries are your best friend when your child is learning to read! Pile on the books - picture books, biographies in picture book format (I LOVE THESE!), short stories, first chapter books and early readers. Get a variety and just let them savor! 

Reading together - spend time exploring the book - the covers, title page, final pages.  witch back and forth page by page. Talk about what makes this book special.

Most importantly make reading FUN! If the book doesn't work for your child at that moment, give them freedom to put it down and select another from the pile. (hence the need to have a pile!)

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Andrea P