Being a Librarian - Part 1 - I got an MLS for something

I made a huge leap from being professional fundraiser to becoming a librarian in 2002. I was tired of event planning, researching grants, conducting meetings... so, being a librarian is the same thing, but BOOKS are at the center. As a librarian, we get to wear so many hats, making one day like no other. The basis of librarianship is about expanding one's knowledge through materials (books/media) and experiences. We do it for everyone who walk in the door, which makes it challenging and fun!

I earned my master degree in library science in 2004 from the University of Maryland - College Park. I had some amazing professors who taught me how to ask great questions, read young adult novels and love them, and understand how to partner with others. My focus on school library media stemmed from loving my high school library in Silver Spring, Maryland. It was a hub of activity with book clubs, research, and video studio that aired on public access TV. I saw so much in my potential career as a newbie, but little did I know how much more a person with an MLS can do.

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