Being a Librarian - Part 3 - More than Just Reading

I have been looking for good Keto cookbooks and thought I should share a little bit about this how we look for information .....

I am going to be a nerdy librarian & tie in my business/marketing background for a moment - this is important to understand --- information seeking behavior is big part of marketing, publishing and working in a library. If you understand HOW people seek information, you can be a part of the bridge to that knowledge - giving them WHAT they want & HOW they want it, so they can USE it. It's the best way to provide GREAT customer service. For instance, if someone is wanting to find out about potty training is.... first they might Google, talk to their friends, read some blog posts - then, dig deeper and find some experts who talk about it - then maybe find a good book or website with the information. Once we understand their needs, drive, and path they take to gain the information --- and you as a marketer/service provider/writer - can be the supplier of the knowledge via product/text/service.

I'm off to find my info on Keto cooking now!

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