Being a Librarian - Part 2 - School or Public

So after I finished my MLS, I began as a school media specialist at a small private school. Their catalog was yet to be digitized and many of the books were from the 1960s. There was a generous gift to get things updated and the library had just opened in a gorgeous new space (instead of a closet!). It was a wonderful start to my career, but I should have paced myself and learned to say "no" or "not yet" to my principal. I realized that the isolation of the media center and the expectations and tumultuous atmosphere of the school didn't set right for me. I sought out positions in less hectic places (outside of the DC area), where I could learn, create and thrive. I began my new career as a public librarian in March 2005 with Wake County Public Libraries. It was the perfect fit for me. There was room to test and establish programs for children and teens, colleagues who were nuts for books as I was, and a warm community in Knightdale, NC. With the public library, I found my tribe = there were 50+ children's librarians and library assistants in our system who would collaborate to create summer reading programs, amazing teen programming and fun adult book clubs. It was like a new world opened before me and I could be a part of the growth. 


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Andrea P