A Chapter at a Time

First Chapter Books are kids entree to the world of the "library aisles". It can be an intimidating place for the kids and parents. Here is a quick list and some tips to make this a great experience for your family!

  1. Be sure there is a good balance illustrations and words.
  2. Read along with your child - switch pages or chapters
  3. Engage them in the book by asking them questions about the plot & characters
  4. Point out the covers, publisher, author & illustrator and discuss who these people are and how they use their skills & imaginations to create this book.
  5. Use the 5 Finger Rule as you read together - Keep track on your fingers of the number of words your child struggles with on each page. If it's 5 or more, the book might be too difficult right now and make them frustrated. If it's 0-1, it's too easy for them. When it is 2-4 words per page, your child is learning to read, increasing their vocabulary and building their confidence.

Some favorites to recommend as alternatives to Junie B. Jones!


  • Ivy & Bean - Best friends whose personalities complement each other
  • Clementine - troublemaker and fun loving girl!
  • The Pain and the Great One - These siblings are based on Judy Blume's own! Aged two years apart, the brother and sister's antic will keep you laughing

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Andrea P