Build a Better Book Club - Part 1

Book clubs can just be wine and whine meetings.  If you want a little more interaction and meaningful conversation there are some great ways to make that happen! Over a series of posts I will share some ideas that might make your book club meetings more fun and bookish!

Book Selection!

Finding the titles for your club can be daunting. There is ALWAYS a person who isn't too fond of a title or author or topic. There are so many great books out there to read and discuss.  

1. Figure out the what your group enjoy reading and NOT reading - laughs, insight, literary, arm chair travel, family connections, tear jerker, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, award winners, best sellers -- arrow down to about 5 genres/topics

2. Length and availability - can you get it on audio? are there copies at the library? is it too much to read monthly?

3. Gather a list of titles and select books for 3 months a time, so you room make changes

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Andrea P