Custom Home Painting from Photo

My most popular item is custom house paintings. I find so much joy in creating a special painting for each family and telling their home's story in art. When I work with each customer, they share a little bit about the house with me! Here are a few snippets about some houses I painted along with a sampling of them. 

  • Family home from the 60's that they updated - before & after paintings.
  • The new home a family bought after they sold acres and acres to a developer.
  • Grandparent's home
  • A church that her mother and grandmother attended
  • A first home after a divorce
  • The home bought from the inheritance from mom
  • The home a woman's husband is building for her best friend's parents.
  • Gift to mom from her daughter in Germany - including the blooming azaleas.

If you are interested in having a home handpainted in watercolor, just get in touch! You can purchase them Handmade on Amazon or my Etsy shop.

Andrea P