Picture Books for Middle Grade readers

When kids grow out of reading picture books and finally finish their first chapter books, they are hesitant to return to large format books. They consider them baby-ish. Let's put that idea to bed! Just like kids enjoy looking at non-fiction books full of pictures, they can love reading stories - sometimes on tough topics - in picture books or graphic novels. As a parent or educator, it's important to remember that we all learn in different ways and visual content (think iPad and video games) is predominant in our society. There is more than one reason that Diary of Wimpy Kid is a hit and format copied by other authors.

Here is a list of some deliciously beautiful picture books for your middle grade reader

When Marian Sang - Taking center stage, Marian Anderson's singing career blossomed but she was not allowed to sing in certain places in the United States due to her race. She toured Europe and was shunned in the USA. This beautifully illustrated book presents her story almost as a play with a spot light shining down from above on each page. 

Great Fuzz Frenzy - Prairie dog go nuts about the fuzz on a tennis ball and learn to work together to protect their community.

Balloons Over Broadway - How the Thanksgiving Parade by Macy's united immigrant families.

Sit-in - Colorful book that explores the 1960 lunch counter sit-in in Greensboro, NC as part of the civil rights movement

Here is a great article from Publisher's Weekly on the topic!

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Andrea P