Reading Together - Part 4

Reading together creates unforgettable moments and shared experiences. We know that moments & experiences are often what binds a family or community together. Demonstrating your love of books and talking about what is happening in the story provides a space for meaningful conversations. This can shift your relationship from the day to day tasks of life to a deeper understanding of ourselves in the world.

Here are some fun ways to share books with your family.

  • Audiobook on road trips

  • Picture books for older readers - tackles tough topics and makes them accessible for everyone in the family

  • Harry Potter! Listen or read together - many parents and couples do this.

  • Family book club - read chapter at a time whenever and then “meet” to discuss. This could be on Skype or in person. Include aunts, uncles, grandparents - a shared experience

  • Plays - Try a reader’s theatre with each person reading a part. This is a favorite website to find some interesting ones.

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Andrea P