Build a Better Book Club - Part 5

Communication & scheduling is key to having a great book club. From talking to lots of book club members (one started in the 1960s), I learned that each group has their unique way of communicating. Here are some great ways to handle scheduling and communicating:

Essentials to know: book, location, date/time

1. Google Calendar - Pick the dates & times during one meeting and share the calendar via email. People can sign up for dates, add meeting location and details on the book with a link to reviews on and library.

2. Facebook Group - Create group, make it secret and add all of the members. In this space you can add events to the group, conduct polls for books, do online discussion if you have to cancel for a month, post notes from a meeting or links to topics of interest (i.e. author's website, book location, wikipedia link about historic event) This is my favorite since it allows for lots of sharing.

3. Phone - Call, talk and plan.

4. Paper Calendar - Print and bring to a meeting to plan dates and leaders. Definitely an easy low tech solution.

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Andrea P