Gordon Korman - Author Highlight

I am finishing up Masterminds by Gordon Korman. Because his books are fast paced, funny and a bit clever - and always written from a spunky (sarcastic?) kid's point of view, I can recommend him to almost anyone! He is one of my favorite authors for middle grade and middle school fiction. His realistic tone and (un)believable situations pull you into the story - they are a little of the "truth is stranger than fiction" - believable enough that you want to turn the page to see what's really happening. The novels include kids who are finding their voices and talents and asserting their independence from their families - which is often wreaking havoc on the "norm". Adults aren't always portrayed in the best light, but generally there is a supportive adult in the novel that you will enjoy. If you have reluctant reader, read or listen to one of his books together - it is an easy way to connect by discussing the plot and characters. 

Favorites you shouldn't miss

Son of the Mob (series)- What happens when your dad is a mob boss and you are on a romantic date and learn that you have a man in your trunk! Audience: Young Adult

Swindle (series) - Kids find a valuable baseball card and get swindled out of it at a pawn shop and they are determined to get it back. Audience:Middle Grade

No More Dead Dogs - We can all agree that those dead dog novels are depressing. When the school football star writes a negative review of a famed "dead dog" novel (i.e. Where the Red Fern Grows), he is given detention and must sit in the gym during play practice for the dead dog novel. Audience: Middle Grade/Middle School

Chasing the Falconers (series) - When their parents are accused of spying, the kids go on the run to find evidence of their parents innocence. Audience: Middle Grade

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Andrea P