10 Lies About Libraries

I love being a librarian and there are many myths about public libraries that I would love to dispel. Call or visit your local library to ask what they have to offer.

  1. It’s all volunteers - Truth: Libraries have directors to manage budgets and staff. Librarians have master’s degrees and extensive training to match readers and books and conduct research. Paid library staff handles checking in/out books and putting them on the shelves. Here are some great jobs in libraries.

  2. It’s only for “certain” people - all are accepted and welcomed to use the library

  3. Libraries are dead or dying - NOPE! They are an essential and transforming communities. Learn more here

  4. Libraries are quiet - Truth: They are have families, kids, teens and babies. People come together to learn and grow in a safe community atmosphere.

  5. Librarians are stuffy and old school - Truth: We are open-minded and encourage questions & pursuing ideas. We want information and stories available to all.

  6. Librarians have read every book in the building - Truth: We read book reviews & synopsis, discuss books and authors a lot. We get to know the books by flipping through them, reading some of them.

  7. It only has books & books are boring. Truth: Libraries have activities and book clubs for all ages.

  8. Nothing exciting happens at a library. Truth: Science experiments, crafts, music & live animals are part of library activities.

  9. Lie -berry? Nope it’s Lie - BRARY

  10. Google is better. Truth: Librarians are trained to do research. It’s their passion and will dig in and show you amazing pieces of information and how to find them.

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Andrea P