Funny Florida

Carl Hiaasen's books always crack me up with wacky characters and the adventures he takes the reader on is like no other! In his recent children's novel, No Surrender, Malley runs away with a curious man she met online. Her cousin Richard literally stumbles upon a former governor of Florida, Skink, who is catching turtle poachers by burying himself in the sand. Skink and Richard take off to save Malley, but it's no easy task! They encounter the strange and deranged in the wilds of Florida. Hiaasen is a fervent environmentalist who uses his children's novels to educate and this time it's about sea turtle habitats and woodpeckers.  I enjoyed this as an audiobook with outstanding narration by Kirby Heyborne. HIs various voices and inflections kept up with the normal fast pace when you read Hiaasen's books. Definitely a winner for kids in grades 4-8! There is more to Florida than Disney...and Hiassen's writing always reminds us of this.

Andrea P