Practice makes perfect. Law Practice. Physican's Practice. We hear these phrases in every day life, but thinking about the word "practice" makes these phrases mean something very new. Medicine not a prefect science - it's practiced - each patient and treatment are different. Lawyers and judges interpret the law in different ways - as practice - there is no perfect. Practice (sports, art, music) testing, trying, repeating - pushing ourselves to create a better outcome, but not always perfection.

I love to practice art, especially watercolor. Seeing how water and color move across the different paper textures always amazes me. The final result of watercolor is so different as the paper dries.

We practice living each day and thankfully can begin each day anew. There is no need to BE perfect at all times. We can start over, scrap the last result and start fresh. We know that the practice is always full of richness.

Andrea P