Your Book is Published - Now What? - Part 1

Once you have finished writing, editing and publishing your book, you need to get into hands of readers. There are lots of ways to approach this and below I will outline a few for you! It's essentially marketing yourself and your book to book buyers. You should prepare short statements about yourself and your book that can be included in inquiry letters or emails, or use as talking points when meeting with someone.

1. Professional Reviews - These are book reviews by librarians that assist book buyers in making purchases. Their in-depth reviews are VERY valuable and relied up by book selectors. The bar is set quite high and when budgets are limited, selectors can only select the BEST of the BEST. You will see these included on book jackets, Amazon listings and possibly in your library catalog.

Library Journal


School Library Journal

Publlsher's Weekly

2. Indie Book Stores/Local Coffee Shops - Contact about carrying your book. They might buy directly from a book vendor/warehouse or be willing to consign a few copies. Ask if they are doing any book signings with local authors. If you are in an writer's group, a few of you could do a discussion and book signing at a local coffee shop.

3. Local Library - ask about adding your book to their collection and if there anyone to contacts about upcoming author events. You can share bits about yourself, your writing process, and your book.

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Andrea P