Getting Unstuck - Reader Tools - Part 1

I know many readers get stuck in a reading rut. It looks like this: nothing pleases them - waiting for next book in series - finished the series - every story reads the same with slight changes in plot. I wanted to share in a series of posts some ways to get out of the rut and find the right book for right now…

Listen to some fun Podcasts for Readers

It’s an easy way to enjoy stories, learn about new books, authors and publishing industry. Add them to your playlist and listen on the go or while enjoying a glass of wine. You will be mesmerized and inspired - kinda like when you are reading a great book.

  • What Should I Read Next by Anne Bogel - she interview people on their favorites/not so favorites and makes suggestions

  • Book Riot — they are ALL great! - they are in the “publishing know” and get their hands on what’s new and awesome & will highlight reprints

  • The Moth podcast - storytelling at it’s best!

  • Live at Politics & Prose by Slate - you don’t have to be at this famous book store to enjoy meeting incredible authors and speakers

  • Snap Judgement - flipping the script and seeing a little more than news headlines

  • Myths and Legends - digging deeper into familiar myths & legends

  • Revisionists History by Malcolm Gladwell - its a bit mind-blowing and he’s just freaking brilliant.

  • Homecoming by Gimlet Media - A bit sci-fi and a bit realistic. Enough to make you question. Coming to TV soon.

  • Use your favorite Podcast store and search “reading” or “books” or your author’s name

Note: These podcasts are for adults. They might be enjoyed by adults who are visually impaired or don’t have access to a library’s audio collection. They are free!

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Andrea P