I know many readers get stuck in a reading rut. It looks like this: nothing pleases them - waiting for next book in series - finished the series - every story reads the same with slight changes in plot. I hope you enjoy this series of posts some ways to get out of the rut and find the right book for right now…

Websites to Find New Books

What’s Next - Find out what else your favorite author has written or what’s next in the series.

Publisher’s Weekly - Find out what’s coming soon that might inspire you - and obituaries too! Written by publishers for book sellers. So much fun content on this site!

Audiofile - Audio book reviews — but it really narrows down the field (I’m overwhelmed with the amount of books I want to read) and suggest books for family listening… a wonderful tradition in many families.

Goodreads - Lists and ideas from other readers

Fantastic Fiction - HUGE database that lets you sort by what’s new by author, genre and publication dates

Award Winners - Review the lists from the American Library Association

Books to Movies - Read the books that were made into movies - they likely have a compelling plot.

BookBub Blog - Find lists of books based on your reading interests

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Andrea P