Getting Unstuck - Reader Tools - Part 3

I know many readers get stuck in a reading rut. It looks like this: nothing pleases them - waiting for next book in series - finished the series - every story reads the same with slight changes in plot. I hope you enjoy this series of posts some ways to get out of the rut and find the right book for right now…

Get Social

Ask your librarian - they love finding the right book for people. They love talking books. Share your favorite books, authors, tv shows or movies. Check out several and see what piques your interest.

Join a Local Book Club - Check for book clubs at your local library, - meet some new people and connect over books.

Ask on Facebook, Twitter - As your friends & followers. Tell them what you are in the mood for - great plot, humorous, non-fiction, inspirational - your high school bestie might have something great to recommend… and then you have more to discuss than homecoming your junior year.

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Andrea P