Getting Unstuck - Reader Tools - Part 4

I know many readers get stuck in a reading rut. It looks like this: nothing pleases them - waiting for next book in series - finished the series - every story reads the same with slight changes in plot. I wanted to share in a series of posts some ways to get out of the rut and find the right book for right now…

Do or Join a Reading Challenge to shake up your habits

Months & Seasons - Find books that use that month/season in the title or author’s name

Try books from The Great American Read

Pick a country/region - Find folktales, history, authors and mysteries that take place there. Make some great food from the area.

Look on GoodReads - They host yearly challenges and have discussion groups/communities for various challenges

Pick an idea/word - Read books that include it in the title, author’s last name, description - in fiction and non-fiction. For example, “garden” - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, Books by Vanessa Garden, In the Garden of Beasts, The Secret Garden,

Try a list of from Literary Awards

Pick a time period - Read fiction and non-fiction - for kids, young adults and adults. Find some food & music from this era

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Andrea P