Reading Together - Part 3

Reading together creates unforgettable moments and shared experiences. We know that moments & experiences are often what binds a family or community together. Demonstrating your love of books and talking about what is happening in the story provides a space for meaningful conversations. This can shift your relationship from the day to day tasks of life to a deeper understanding of ourselves in the world.

Here are some fun family activities to do with the book:

  • Create costumes for the characters with paper, scissor & tape/glue or just drawing with crayons

  • Google a topic brought up in the story to find facts about it & understand it more.

  • Write a new ending for the story together

  • Find a recipe(s) and make some food discussed in the book.

  • Go to YouTube and find music related to the story and listen together! Have a dance party if you can.

  • Draw a new book cover together

  • Make a map of places discussed in the book

  • Plan a “trip” to the location where the book takes place - what would pack, where would you stay, how would you get there.

  • Do an activity they do in the book (imaginary or real)

  • Find the author or publisher’s website - the often have extended activities for classrooms and book clubs

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Andrea P