Seeking Light

Just a reminder - you are more than your job. You are more than a parent. You are more than a sister, daughter, are YOU! The labels don't define us, we gain and shed them through life. You are the beauty that is found within. You are your dreams. You are the creator of each moment. Choose to be you and a glorious YOU.

I have gotten stuck in the definitions of who I should be or who people saw me as... and it was so different than what I felt and knew about myself. It was different than the life (lie) I was leading. The courage came in the darkest moments, breaking out and finding the light slowly. The ones who find you beautiful in those dark moments and lift you to the surface of light are the wonderous angels on earth.

Don't live in those shadows. Find the light in everyday - fill your space, mind and senses with the arts. The transition will happen and you will awaken.

Andrea P