Why Library? (yes, a verb!)

As a librarian, the answer seems simple - but many people do not understand the significance of the library in our modern world. Libraries are no longer quiet places, they are evolving and creating community in places and times where connecting is often done online. Your library wants you to walk through the door and participate in events, check out books, give them feedback and advocate for their existence. You can "library" online - using downloadable books on a reader, table or phone. You can "library" online by researching your family history with their paid databases. You can bring your children or grandchildren to the library on to enjoy a few books, learn literacy skills, read magazines and attend a program. Tutors and students meet at the library to have a quiet place to study and learn. Teens can gain leadership skills and connect with other readers. As a tax payer, your library service is free and privilege that should not be taken for granted. When people arrive to the US or even to your town, they sometimes don't know the valuable assets and free resources available at their library. Be the person who introduces them: have them tag along when you visit next! 

By the way - did you know your library likely has online language learning apps you can download? Ask your librarian about them.

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Andrea P